Foire aux questions

Do you offer telehealth therapy sessions?

Yes, we do offer telehealth services and will be providing telehealth for the foreseeable future. We use HIPAA compliant platforms that ensure that you and your information stay confidential. Once you tell us you’re interested in therapy, we will send you the information for our telehealth platform.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we are currently accepting Medicare A & B. More insurances will be added in the near future.

Do you prescribe medication?

We do not prescribe medication but if you and your clinician determine that medication management is necessary we will help to connect you with a trusted provider.

How are payments accepted?

We use the electronic health record Simple Practice, and they are connected with Stripe. Stripe is the platform that will collect your payment.

What is your cancellation policy?

Appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled with at least 48 hours’ notice. Any appointments cancelled less than 48 hours will be charged the total fee of your session. Cancellations without 48-hour notice that occur repeatedly will require a credit card on file prior to scheduling future appointments.

Who is your ideal client?

While we do provide individual and couples counseling, our primary focus is supporting other behavioral health providers in planting seeds of their own for their client’s healing, wellness, and wholeness. We have a great deal of experience doing clinical work, creating documentation, providing supervision, creating & providing training, and coaching staff. Contact us for more information!

I'm interested in supervision...

Who do you supervise? We can supervise any clinical and non-clinical professional. We are able to supervise social workers, mental health counselors, and other behavioral health professionals for their clinical licensure. What is your preferred style of supervision? We utilize reflective supervision. Reflective supervision is a supervisor – supervisee relationship that pays attention to the influence of relationships on other relationships, the parallel process, and empowers the supervisee to discover solutions/concepts through consciously using strategies that include active listening and waiting. The goal of reflective supervision is to support staff who then support the people who they work with- and create a more effective working relationship (Zero to Three, 2021). How often should you schedule supervision? Supervision is typically weekly, but it can also be biweekly or as needed. It depends on your supervision needs.

What does consulting consist of?

Clinical consulting consists of clinical supervision, clinical insight at your staff and clinical meetings, paperwork for all of the individuals supervised, clinical related documentation reviews, and clinical audits.